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  • 1. By registering on the project website, you agree to the terms and conditions of service and undertake to follow them. If any provisions of the Rules cause your disagreement, we recommend you not to register on the website.
  • 2. By creating a personal account on our website, you confirm that you are of legal age and will use only those funds that belong to you personally in your investment activities.
  • 3. Multi-accounts are prohibited in the project, and all repeated accounts detected will be blocked without recovery permission. In this case Administration does not accept any claims and appeals, account blocking is irrevocable.
  • 4. Every registered user has the right to participate in the investment offer, partnership program, possible promotions and receive any bonuses, if any, provided in the project.
  • 5. The investment proposal of the project is described in the corresponding section of Dufkins Venture site - no individual conditions of cooperation are provided.
  • 6. The Company reserves the right to change the conditions of service provision, in particular, the investment offer, partnership program, number of available payment systems may be changed.
  • 7. When you invest in a project, you are aware of all possible risks and take responsibility for the possible adverse outcome of the investment.
  • 8. Funds invested as a deposit are not subject to early repayment.
  • 9. We have a categorically negative attitude to spam, so we strongly recommend not to use this method to promote the project in the partnership program.
  • 10. Participating in the partnership program from the project, you can use at your discretion the advertising materials provided by the Company.
  • 11. The Company undertakes to securely store personal data of its customers and not to share it with third parties. Any publication of information about participants in social networks will be preliminary agreed upon.
  • 12. We are not responsible for the loss of account access due to the disclosure of login data by the customer to third parties. By registering on the website, you undertake to keep your login and password securely, without giving them to anyone. Otherwise, only you will be responsible for any consequences.
  • 13. The Company reserves the right to block the accounts of the participants that intentionally mislead potential investors regarding the solvency of the project.
  • 14. The Company reserves the right to change and amend the Rules. Any changes shall take effect from the moment they are published on this website.
  • 15. Both parties are not responsible for non-fulfillment of any obligations for reasons beyond their control (in particular, due to force majeure events such as natural disasters, military actions, political regime change, economic crisis, etc.).
  • 16. Project Rules shall have the same legal force as the information presented in other sections of the investment resource of the Company.

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